Program Information

We are about to float down the stream!

On August 9th, The Concord River School will host "Rivers and Revolutions" - a tuition-free interdisciplinary experience. Viewing these twin phenomena through the lenses of literature, history, science, mathematics, philosophy and the arts, we will contemplate the passage of time and will consider our own relationship to all that surrounds us.

Students will explore the writings of Aldo Leopold and Annie Dillard, canoe the Concord River, examine the development of early civilizations along floodplains, stroll through Minuteman National Historical Park, contemplate the relationship of circles and lines, hike across glacial deposits, discuss human conceptions of time, and revel in the waters of Walden Pond. And more. Much more.

As such, Rivers and Revolutions aims to offer a vital alternative to fragmented and static curricula that fail to recognize the true, holistic nature of things. As John Muir once wrote: "When we try to pick out anything on its own, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe." That everything is connected to everything else is certainly the guiding principle of the natural world. It might also prove to be one of life's greatest maxims.

Mornings will be spent in our classroom - The School of Philosophy - a one-room schoolhouse built by educational reformer Bronson Alcott in the late 1800s. Afternoons will be spent exploring a wide array of field sites in Concord, including Walden Pond, the North Bridge, and Minuteman National Historical Park.

Students from Fitchburg to Boston will come to Concord Monday through Friday and return home each afternoon. The two-week program, which will run from August 9-20, will culminate in a celebratory presentation. The program seeks students who will be entering their junior or senior year in high school. All expenses, including tuition, public transportation, materials, and lunch, will be covered by the program.

The program is sponsored by Friends of Dicisco, a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to strengthen communities by highlighting relationships between people and the natural world.

Thank you for your interest.

Michael Goodwin
Director Rivers and Revolutions

President Friends of Dicisco

Social Studies Department, Concord-Carlisle High School