The Curriculum

Over the course of the two weeks we will study Rivers and Revolutions through the lenses of literature, history, science, mathematics, philosophy and the arts.

Mornings will be spent in our classroom - The School of Philosophy - a one-room schoolhouse built by educational reformer Bronson Alcott in the late 1800s. Afternoons will be spent exploring a wide array of field sites in Concord.

The interdisciplinary and experiential structure of the program will offer students a fresh perspective on their academic careers. We have assembled a team of experienced and talented educators and are putting together a curriculum that moves from Thoreau to the Fertile Crescent, from Galileo to Georgia O'Keefe.

Students will explore the writings of Aldo Leopold and Annie Dillard, canoe the Concord River, examine the development of early civilizations along floodplains, stroll through Minuteman National Historical Park, contemplate the relationship of circles and lines, hike across glacial deposits, and revel in the waters of Walden Pond. And more. Much more.

This year's students will be the pioneers of a unique educational model that will serve as the basis for a future school and might perhaps serve as a foundation for educational reform across the country.